X3 Front Bumper Sale includes Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper and gusset kit $395.00

X3 Front Bumper Sale includes Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper and gusset kit $395.00.  This is a one time offer and will not last long, and this is the lowest price ever.  Therefore, You should order today!    This price reduction is for the Christmas shopper, looking for the perfect gift for an X3 owner or for yourself.   Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper, Gusset kit Combo, bulkhead and winch mount  is a sleek and functional addition and it adds a great look to the front of the Can Am side by side.  The complete gusset kit is included and this bumper also offers multi-bolt pattern winch mount.


Polaris Ranger Bumper best price!

Rage Fab Ranger Bumper
Rage Fab Ranger Bumper

Introductory pricing for the Polaris Ranger Bumper at best price,  just in time for Black Friday .  Get your now.

The Rage Fab Ranger Bumper is the bumper upgrade that will take the appearance of your Ranger to the next level. Like all our products it is made in America with American material. We take great pride in our commitment to “made in the US”. The Rage Fab Bumper is made of triangulated steel for strength and durability and finished with a black powder coat finish. In addition, it is a direct bolt on and will house the stock mounted factory winch, or a stock mounted winch of comparable size. This is NOT a bolt together bumper, as are most our the competitor’s bumpers. This is an all weld, one piece construction. Therefore, it has both great looks and super durability.

Rage Fab X3 Accessories New Line Up

HERE It Is…. Rage Fab X3 Accessories New Line Up is being released for sale. X3 accessories include the Rear Bumper, Front bumper, Dual skull Rage Grill insert, Doors, Rage Roof, Muffler delete, Magnaflow Muffler system, Rock Sliders, and more.  Some of these accessories are already selling and being used by both racers and weekend riders, like our Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper, Gusset kit Combo, bulkhead and winch mount , X3 Rear Bumper with hitch receiver , X3 Light bar mount and Rage Fab X3 Snorkel Fitting .  Look for the rest of the X3 lineup to be on sale ASAP!  You may also like to check out our Rage Fab Can Am X3 Roof, which is a super value, as well as theRage Fab Can Am X3 Doors .

Rage Fabe X3 doors
Rage Fab Rear Bumper with hitch receiver,lights, tow hook

Rage Fab Can Am X3 Doors

Rage Fab / King of Hammers Race connection

The time is here for the Rage Fab / King of Hammers Race connection.  We, at Rage Fab, are very excited to be a part of the “King of Hammers” Racing series!  We are happy to be part of the efforts of several of the racers in the first race of the year.  Among these racers, who are carrying Rage Fab Bumpers, are Chad Hughes ( a podium finisher in 2016), Trip Pullen and Clint Skruggs.  They are running the all new Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper, Gusset kit Combo, bulkhead and winch mount, and some of the racers also opted to sport the X3 Rear Bumper and Hitch Receiver.   These racers contacted us, to let us know what they wanted and we delivered the X3 parts they need to cover the country and terrain, that they will be facing.   Rage Fab has designed the X3 Bumpers to match the X3 purpose… speed and agility.  These drivers are doing what MANY of us weekend riders would love to be doing.  That is, they are racing across some of the vast open expanses of the American west and climbing through some of the most rugged mountain passes in the States.  We wish these Drivers all the best and hope one of them put their Rage Fab Bumper across the line FIRST!


Defender parts listed now, on E-bay

Our Defender parts are listed on E-bay.  We are still working on the web site and hope to have everything here as soon as possible.  We are offering the new Rage Fab Defender doors and Bumper as well as the Super duty Lift kit. All these items are steel construction with powder coat finish. We appreciate you business and hope to hope to keep ALL our business here at RageFab.net very soon.

Defender Doors, Lift and Bumper

Defender front Bumper with Brush guard and LED light and Winch mount
Defender Low Profile DOORS
Defender lift kit
Defender lift kit

We have just finished Building new parts for the Can Am Defender. We have Half doors!!  We have a lift kit!!  We have Front Bumpers With and without Brush guard!!  We should have the Defender accessories listed within a day or two.

So:  Get in, Sit down, Buckle up, and Hold on,  because you are going to love it!!

We have to give a big Thanks to Can Am of Jonesboro and Can Am of Forrest City for the Defender, they let us use for the build.