Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper REDUCED Shipping

We have updated the shipping, to reduce the cost of shipping on our new Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper.  There was an error in the package size, which was causing the shipping to be 2 or 3 time more than it should have been.

Be sure to check out our Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper.  It comes with Built in Bulkhead, Multi-Bolt pattern winch mount and a Super Strong Gusset Kit to finish the upgrade to the front of your X3.  In addition, You can get the X3 Bumper in any Can Am color.   We also offer The Rage Fab X3 Rear Bumper and Hitch / gusset.  You can also get either or both bumpers with or without lights.  The lights on the rear bumper make Great back up light