Rage Fab / King of Hammers Race connection

The time is here for the Rage Fab / King of Hammers Race connection.  We, at Rage Fab, are very excited to be a part of the “King of Hammers” Racing series!  We are happy to be part of the efforts of several of the racers in the first race of the year.  Among these racers, who are carrying Rage Fab Bumpers, are Chad Hughes ( a podium finisher in 2016), Trip Pullen and Clint Skruggs.  They are running the all new Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper, Gusset kit Combo, bulkhead and winch mount, and some of the racers also opted to sport the X3 Rear Bumper and Hitch Receiver.   These racers contacted us, to let us know what they wanted and we delivered the X3 parts they need to cover the country and terrain, that they will be facing.   Rage Fab has designed the X3 Bumpers to match the X3 purpose… speed and agility.  These drivers are doing what MANY of us weekend riders would love to be doing.  That is, they are racing across some of the vast open expanses of the American west and climbing through some of the most rugged mountain passes in the States.  We wish these Drivers all the best and hope one of them put their Rage Fab Bumper across the line FIRST!