Rage Fab X3 Snorkel Fitting


Adapter / Fitting to adapt the rear CVT exhaust port from Rubber fitting to a PVC pipe for snorkeling

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Rage Fab X3 Snorkel Fitting adapter for the CVT Exhaust, is the hard part, made easy, in snorkeling thw X3’s CVT system.  We make the hard part, so all you need is some three inch PVC to finish snorkeling your X3.  Don’t get stranded by a wet CVT belt.  Keep your belt dry and pulling by snorkeling.  The Rage Fab X3 CVT Snorkel Fitting adapter is a steel fitting, which clamps into the end of the OEM Rubber Exhaust.  Just apply a bead of RTV, and clamp the fitting in place, and you will be ready to install a PVC snorkel, to wherever you desire.

X3 CVT fitting for adapting from the OEM rubber to 3″ PVC