New Building for Rage Fab

Ranger Bumper
Rage Fab Ranger bumper and Utility roof

At Rage Fab, we are all very excited to be moving into a new facility.  The new location is going to be a great upgrade for us, as it will gives the elbow room we need to grow our product lines.  The more that 15,000 square foot building  will house all our equipment and some much needed new equipment, as well as giving us room to house multiple  UTVs and ATVs and even pickup trucks and Jeeps .  The new location is in the industrial park in Trumann Arkansas at 110 Fire Station Road.

We hope to be moved in and up and running by February 2018, and to have a ribbon cutting then.   We also except to have a grand opening soon after, and we will be making a public invitation to any and all our customers willing to make the trip.  We hope to have a number of our customers bring the Rides to show them off, and their Rage Fab upgrades of course.

We hope to hire more passionate fabricators when we get in the new building.  We have been looking forward to the expansion for some time and are eager offer new products, for Can Am, Polaris and others as well as some new offerings.   We will make Truck step rails and bumpers for trucks and Jeeps.   We will also be offing Powder Coating and Sand Blasting Services.

We want to thank our customers for the support; as this is what has made this possible.  We are working hard to please our customers and to have the best customer satisfaction rating in the market.   So, again, Thanks.

X3 Front Bumper Sale includes Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper and gusset kit $395.00

X3 Front Bumper Sale includes Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper and gusset kit $395.00.  This is a one time offer and will not last long, and this is the lowest price ever.  Therefore, You should order today!    This price reduction is for the Christmas shopper, looking for the perfect gift for an X3 owner or for yourself.   Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper, Gusset kit Combo, bulkhead and winch mount  is a sleek and functional addition and it adds a great look to the front of the Can Am side by side.  The complete gusset kit is included and this bumper also offers multi-bolt pattern winch mount.


Polaris Ranger Bumper best price!

Rage Fab Ranger Bumper
Rage Fab Ranger Bumper

Introductory pricing for the Polaris Ranger Bumper at best price,  just in time for Black Friday .  Get your now.

The Rage Fab Ranger Bumper is the bumper upgrade that will take the appearance of your Ranger to the next level. Like all our products it is made in America with American material. We take great pride in our commitment to “made in the US”. The Rage Fab Bumper is made of triangulated steel for strength and durability and finished with a black powder coat finish. In addition, it is a direct bolt on and will house the stock mounted factory winch, or a stock mounted winch of comparable size. This is NOT a bolt together bumper, as are most our the competitor’s bumpers. This is an all weld, one piece construction. Therefore, it has both great looks and super durability.

Should we become a dealer for Mob Armor Accessory Mounts

We are considering becoming a dealer for .  We would like to get YOUR feed back.   Mob Armor makes holders and shields for accessories, such as Cell phone, IPad and tables.  We believe Mob Armor would be a good addition to our product line.  They provide mounts for Roll bar and dash mount applications, as well as magnetic holders.  These mounts provide hands free use for calls, music or GPS and help keep your phone or IPad out of harms way.  Give us your thoughts on Facebook or message us on our web site.  Thanks

Mob Armor Bar or Dash mount Phone holder

Rage Fab X3 Accessories New Line Up

HERE It Is…. Rage Fab X3 Accessories New Line Up is being released for sale. X3 accessories include the Rear Bumper, Front bumper, Dual skull Rage Grill insert, Doors, Rage Roof, Muffler delete, Magnaflow Muffler system, Rock Sliders, and more.  Some of these accessories are already selling and being used by both racers and weekend riders, like our Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper, Gusset kit Combo, bulkhead and winch mount , X3 Rear Bumper with hitch receiver , X3 Light bar mount and Rage Fab X3 Snorkel Fitting .  Look for the rest of the X3 lineup to be on sale ASAP!  You may also like to check out our Rage Fab Can Am X3 Roof, which is a super value, as well as theRage Fab Can Am X3 Doors .

Rage Fabe X3 doors
Rage Fab Rear Bumper with hitch receiver,lights, tow hook

Rage Fab Can Am X3 Doors

Rage Fab offers Powerbass XL-1000 Sound Bar

Rage Fab now offers PowerBass Audio PowerBass audio components to be listed within days.  Components like;

XL-1000 Power Sports Sound Bar

  • 10 Speaker 400 watt Amplified Bluetooth Powersports Soundbar
  • 8 x 3” Full Range Marine Grade Poly Cone Speakers
  • 2 x 1.25” SD Mylar Tweeters
  • Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum Water Tight Housing
  • LED back-lit Control Panel
  • LED Visual Notifications
  • Audible Power On/Off Notifications
  • Built In DSP Processor w/Distortion Limiter
  • Bluetooth and Wired Inputs
  • 3 Volt Line Output
  • Auto Turn On/Off Circuit
  • Waterproof Wire Loom Connectors
  • Universal L-Bracket Mounting System Included
  • Universal Top or Bottom Mount Clamp Style Brackets (Sold Separately XL-SBCLAMP, XL-SBTCLAMP, SBSCLAMP)
  • Secondary Dash Mountable Controller Pad (Sold Separately XL-SBCON)


  • Inputs: Bluetooth/3.5 mm Wired
  • Power Supply: Unregulated PWM
  • Height: 4.25″
  • Width: 33.75″
  • Depth: 4.17″
  • 2-ohm Power: 200 watts x 2
  • Peak Power: 800 watts
  • Dimensions (in Inches): 4.25″ x 33.75″ x 4.17″
  • Input Sensitivity: 0.25 V – 3.0 V
  • S/N Ratio: >85 dB
  • Output Power (14.4 V) @ 2 ohm: 200 watts x 2
  • Channels (mono): 2
  • Frequency Response: 50 Hz – 22 kHz


The XL series was developed for the growing Power Sports market including UTV and Marine applications—where electronics must withstand harsh environments. The circuit boards have been conformal coated with a layer of transparent material that protects the parts against moisture, dust and temperature extremes.

These ultra small weather resistant amplifiers are ideal for all types of outdoor audio applications such as motorcycles, golf carts and off road vehicles. But the small size also makes these amps a great choice anywhere space is a premium.

Utilizing the latest Class D circuit design these amplifiers may be small on size but they are big on power and have a much lower current draw compared to other amplifiers with similar power output. The wrap around aluminum heatsink keeps everything running cool.

Extremely versatile, each model gives you’re a choice of low level RCA input or 3.5mm (1.8”) mini-pug Aux Input. The Aux Input allows for easy connection of portable devices such as an iPod, MP3 player or smartphone to become your source unit.

Rage Fab Bazooka Party Bar Mount Adaptor is HERE

Rage Fab Party Bar Adaptor
Bazooka Party Bar and Light Bar Mount on Outlander
Party Bar Adaptor by Rage Fab
Adaptor fits Party Bar to be used with Any Rage Fab Sound Bar mounts

We, AT Rage Fab have heard your calls for a way to mount the new Party Bar!  The Rage Fab Bazooka Party Bar Mount Adaptor will cure your ills with the tunes, you long for.  This adaptor is used with the Rage Fab sound(/Light Bar) mount of your choice. Our Mounts include; CanAM outlander ATV wetSound Stealth/LightBar MOUNT, manta green, red,blk. Pair , Outlander Extended Sound Bar/Light Bar Mount , or Outlander Extended Sound Bar/Light Bar Mount , with more to come.

In Addition, We hope to list the Party Bar by the end of the week!  So You can get the complete setup right here at Rage Fab.


Rage Fab / King of Hammers Race connection

The time is here for the Rage Fab / King of Hammers Race connection.  We, at Rage Fab, are very excited to be a part of the “King of Hammers” Racing series!  We are happy to be part of the efforts of several of the racers in the first race of the year.  Among these racers, who are carrying Rage Fab Bumpers, are Chad Hughes ( a podium finisher in 2016), Trip Pullen and Clint Skruggs.  They are running the all new Rage Fab X3 Front Bumper, Gusset kit Combo, bulkhead and winch mount, and some of the racers also opted to sport the X3 Rear Bumper and Hitch Receiver.   These racers contacted us, to let us know what they wanted and we delivered the X3 parts they need to cover the country and terrain, that they will be facing.   Rage Fab has designed the X3 Bumpers to match the X3 purpose… speed and agility.  These drivers are doing what MANY of us weekend riders would love to be doing.  That is, they are racing across some of the vast open expanses of the American west and climbing through some of the most rugged mountain passes in the States.  We wish these Drivers all the best and hope one of them put their Rage Fab Bumper across the line FIRST!